Beep Beep!

We come to you!

 Grooming Cats Mobile Service provides a convenient and personalised grooming experience for your cat without the stress of travel.

Servicing Adelaide’s southern suburbs.

Beep Beep!

We come to you!

Grooming Cats Mobile Service provides a convenient and personalised grooming experience for your cat without the stress of travel.

Servicing Adelaide’s southern suburbs.

Cat grooming services

Full service grooms include a warm bath, blow dry and nail trim.

On the nose?

– Bath, dry & nails from $90

The perfect maintenance option to keep your cat squeaky clean and smelling great.

cat grooming services adelaide
cat grooming services adelaide

Hair everywhere?

– De-shed from $99

De-shedding service to remove loose coat and light knots. Includes a warm bath, blow dry and nail trim.

Lots of knots?

– Lion Trim from $110

Close shave leaving the ruff, legs and full tail or pom. Includes a warm bath, blow dry and nail trim. Ideal for heavily matted cats or those that suffer from heat? Grows back to half coat in about 3 months and full coat in 6 months.

cat grooming services adelaide
cat grooming services adelaide

Not too short?

– Comb Cut from $120

Long haircut leaving the coat 1-2cm long. Includes a warm bath, blow dry, de-shed and nail trim. A great option for cats that don’t clean themselves. Lasts approximately 3 months.

Other options

cat grooming services adelaide

Sanitary Trim from $11

Hygiene trim inside the back legs and under the tail to keep the important bits clean. Standard or extra wide sanitary trims available.
Cat Belly Shave from $21

Belly Shave from $21

Close shave along the belly and under the tail to remove knots and heavy matting or to keep your cat cool in summer.
Cat Soft Paw Nail Caps from $25.00

Soft Paw Nail Caps from $25

An excellent option for indoor cats that shred your furniture or like to play rough.
Single Service Options $21 – $90

Single Service Options $21 – $90

Just a De-shed, Lion Trim, Belly Shave, Sanitary Trim or Nail Trim service but no bath and dry. **Comb cut not available as a single service option.

More about cat grooming services


Tired of cat fur all over your home?

Does your cat overheat in summer?

Are you fighting a never-ending battle with knots?

Our de-shedding service will significantly reduce the amount of cat fur around your home and helps keep the knots at bay so your cat can avoid the post winter shave off.

We offer our de-shedding service with a Full Coat Groom (includes bath n dry) or as a single service (no bath).

  • The single service maintains your cat’s coat in between major grooms, especially when their coat thickens during winter and knots appear. It’s also a great alternative for the slightly feisty felines or cats prone to stress. This service takes approximately 30 minutes and includes a nail trim, light knot and loose coat removal.
  • The full service option includes a warm bath, blow dry, nail trim, ears clean, miniature sanitary trim (under the tail) and removal of light knots and loose coat.
  • Please note that cats with oily skin and coat will first require a full service groom to strip out excess oils prior to loose coat removal.
  • We recommend a full service de-shed at change of season (12 weekly) and single service maintenance de-sheds in between.
Soft Paws Nail Caps

Nail caps for cats are soft plastic caps glued onto your cat’s nails to help reduce unwanted scratching, destruction of furniture or for cats that like to play rough.

  • We highly recommend applying nail caps to your cat prior to introducing a new puppy to your home.
  • Soft Paws nail caps are non-toxic and your cat will still be able to extend and retract its claws naturally.
  • They come in a variety of colours and sizes.
  • Soft Paws nail caps last about 4 to 6 weeks.
  • We do not recommend nail caps for outdoor cats.
  • Most cats only require nail caps for their front paws but your can apply them to all four paws.
Sanitary Trim

A Sanitary Trim every 10-12 weeks is puurrrrfect for keeping the important bits clean. Medium to long-coated cats tend to matt quickly in friction areas such as between their hind legs. A sanitary trim not only keeps the knots at bay but also keeps your cat hygienic and easy to clean should they have a little ‘accident’.

The Sanitary Trim includes a close shave from under the cats tail to half way down the inside of its back legs.

Belly Shave
A Belly Shave is a close shave from inside your cat’s front legs down to in between the hind legs. It’s a great option every 10-12 weeks for cats that knot or matt quickly.

The Belly Shave also helps to keep your cat cool during summer. With a Belly Shave they can lie on tiles or concrete to cool themselves down without the plush coat on their belly trapping the heat. A Belly Shave is also visually appealing. Unless your cat is lying on its back, you wouldn’t even notice its there.

Lion Trim
A Lion Trim is recommended for cats with heavy matting or cats that suffer from heat during summer. Some cat owners also prefer to keep their cat’s coat short to reduce unwanted hair around their home.

A full service Lion Trim includes a close haircut leaving the ruff, legs and tail (with a pom or full length), warm bath, blow dry, nail trim and ear clean.

We also offer a single service option, which is just a nail trim, ear clean and Lion Trim. This is good option for cats that are prone to stress or cats with clean coats that just need a trim every now and then. Single service Lion Trims are not available for cats with oily skin and coat. Most cats return to half coat length within 3 months and full coat length within 6 months.

Comb Cut
A Comb Cut is a great way to give your cat a haircut without the close shave. The length of the haircut can be varied to suit your specific needs.

This service includes a warm bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear clean and haircut to 1-2cm leaving the ruff, legs and tail (with a pom or full length). A Comb Cut can only be provided as a full service groom (with a bath n dry) as the coat must be squeaky clean and free of loose coat to achieve the desired finish.

Comb Cuts are the perfect low maintenance option for cats with long cottony coats that knot quickly.

A comb cut lasts approximately 3 months.

Bath n Dry
Cats don’t hate water! Sometimes they need a little help with grooming as they have difficulty removing excess build up of oils on the skin and coat, which can lead to knots and heavy matting. Arthritic and overweight cats may also have difficulty reaching around to their back and tail, resulting in clumps of thick, hard fur in short and long-coated cats. Thoroughly degreasing your cat’s skin with a regular bath n dry keeps their coat clean and enables the skin to breathe. A bath n dry is the perfect maintenance option

So how does mobile work?

cat grooming services adelaide

Mobile essentials

To groom your cat we will need:

  • Close and uninterrupted access to power and mains water – within 20 metres.
  • Tap fitted with a standard 12mm male hose fitting or we can provide one for a small fee $5.
  • ​Curb side or driveway access to your home or unit as we cannot park on nature strips or across foot paths.
  • A minimum 2.6m height clearance, so low hanging trees and carports will limit access. 
  • Cat secured in a cat carrier or box to keep your cat and the groomer safe. 

​***Unfortunately we do not visit multi storey apartment complexes***


cat grooming services adelaide

Mobile service fee

  • Appointments are grouped according to suburb.
  • Our minimum charge is $50. A call out fee may apply for single service bookings under $50.
  • Grooming Cats services Adelaide’s southern suburbs. We have reduced our intake of new clients north of Anzac Highway and no longer visit Adelide CBD, north, north eastern or north western suburbs.
cat grooming services adelaide

Booking deposits

A $30 deposit is required, which is deducted from the total cost of the groom. If you cancel at short notice (less than 48hrs) your booking deposit will be withheld to cover our scheduling and administration costs.

Note: *The deposit is ‘Non-Refundable’ but can be transferred to another date provided the appointment is changed 48 hrs prior.

cat grooming services adelaide


Travel costs and time are important to us, your $30 deposit will not be refunded if you:

  • cancel at short notice (less than 48hrs)
  • forget your appointment;
  • are not home when we visit;
  • cannot locate your cat on arrival;
  • do not have a secure crate or box and your cat escapes;
  • are unable to provide parking or uninterrupted access to water and power; or
  • your cat is a little feisty and we cannot complete the groom safely.


cat grooming services adelaide

Payment methods

VISA, MasterCard or Cash.

We do not accept cheques or bank transfers.

About Marion

A groomed cat is a happy cat.  Most people think that cats groom themselves but they are actually just licking the surface of their coat. What’s underneath that beautiful top layer of coat can be pretty scary – matting, fleas, dandruff, greasy skin, greasy fur, fecal matter, cat litter and tonnes of loose coat that inevitably will end up all over your clothes and furniture.

Marion from Grooming Cats Mobile Service is a professionally trained, internationally Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG), who performs miracles every day on cats of all temperaments and sizes.

Marion’s commitment to you:

  • I do not sedate.
  • I adapt my grooming style to each cat to make the groom as relaxing and comfortable as possible.
  • I eliminate the stress of travel by coming to you.
  • I always put your cat’s health and safety first.

When you want the best for your cat, Marion is your feline expert. She delivers a show room look that leaves your ‘fur baby’ feeling like a million dollars. Whether you just want a regular groom or a specialised show standard groom, Marion has a range of services to suit your cat.

We Come To You


Adelaide Southern Suburbs (Aldinga Beach to Anzac Highway.)


0411 890 242


Hour of Operation:

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Tuesday – Friday.
cat grooming services adelaide

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